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Music Control for Sony SmartWatch 2 and Google Play Music

Today I released an Android app for the Sony SmartWatch 2 that lets you interact with the Google Play Music app directly from your SmartWatch. Music Control goes beyond the default music control app by offering a more intuitive UX … Continue reading

How to programmatically sign out of Google Talk on Android

I’ve recently been experimenting with NFC automation. Unlike geo-location based automation, I think NFC offers the flexibility and precision to actually be useful. But more on NFC in another post. One thing I wanted to do was sign in and … Continue reading

Custom Nexus 7 Kernel Atlantis R2 Released

This is my first kernel build ever (not just for the Nexus 7). It’s an extremely stable kernel built straight from Google’s source with a few improvements. It should go without saying that anything you do with this package you … Continue reading