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SmartSquare: An open-source Foursquare app for Android and the Sony SmartWatch

I purchased a Sony SmartWatch long before rumors of an [insert any major tech company name here] watch began. I’ve always had an affinity for watches so I naturally couldn’t resist picking up an Android-related “smart” watch that I could build apps on and for. It was like my calculator watch in middle school on steroids.

The two immediately obvious use cases for such a watch were an Rdio controller and Foursquare. With the latter, I wanted to be able to check-in straight from my watch–no need to whip out a phone, unlock the screen, find the app, etc. etc. Thus, several months ago I wrote a free app called SmartSquare that let you do just that.


I’ve now decided to go ahead and release the source code to SmartSquare under the GPLv2 open-source license. You can grab the source from my GitHub repository. Hopefully the project will be useful to some other Android engineers out there looked to get started on SmartWatch app development.

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  • dijon wolf
    February 27, 2014

    I got smart squere it wont even load on my watch it getting loading symbol backround turns white & then it goes back to normal

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