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Music Control for Sony SmartWatch 2 and Google Play Music

Today I released an Android app for the Sony SmartWatch 2 that lets you interact with the Google Play Music app directly from your SmartWatch. Music Control goes beyond the default music control app by offering a more intuitive UX and also grabbing high-resolution album art to really show off the SmartWatch experience. Feel free to leave any feedback about the app here.

Music Control for Sony SmartWatch 2

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  • Ultron
    February 20, 2014

    Hi. Is there any chance that there will be version optimized for Sony Smartwatch 1? I tried it on my Smartwatch 1, and it works except controls. I can see track information and album art. I can swipe up/down to adjust the volume. But i can’t start/stop playing and go to the next or previous track with left and right swipe. Thanks.

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